Individual production

We have various techniques at our disposal for the manufacturing and production process.

We manufacture the majority of GRP parts using vacuum sandwich technology. Only with this method is it possible to produce components of the highest stability and lowest weight. We use glass or carbon fabrics in various weaves and weights as carrier material. Depending on the area of application, fabric tapes or unidirectional fabrics of various materials are used for reinforcement.

Conventional hand laminate is preferably used to produce simple parts whose weight and strength play a subordinate role and can be produced quickly. Sandwich material can also be incorporated. In contrast to the vacuum sandwich technique, styrofoam is used here. However, compromises have to be made in terms of stability and weight here too.

Vacuum technology makes it possible to produce components that cannot be manifactured in hand laminate at all or only with the greatest effort. One advantage of this technology is the percentage optimisation of resin/hardener component and scrim, ideally the ratio should be 40:60. By additionally inserting peel ply, the excess resin mixture is drawn out of the component in a vacuum and, after curing in the annealing oven, removed with the peel ply. After removing the peel ply, no time-consuming grinding of the laminate in the component is necessary.